Bio – Our Team

Marcelene Anderson

Founder and CEO Raven Strategic.

For thirty years I have worked with entrepreneurs, leaders and teams to develop and execute strategy, align organizations towards a shared direction, develop the capacity of individuals, and increase the effectiveness of organizations. To help leaders achieve greater results and grow their businesses, I developed The Results Certainty System™.

I coach individuals, management teams and boards of directors in creating their future strategic direction and achieve breakthrough business results.

I specialize in strategic management, which includes planning, implementation, leadership development, change management, and developing high performance organizations to accelerate results.

My clients include entrepreneurs, medium size organizations, divisions of Fortune 500, not for profit and for profit organizations, in financial services, consumer products, education, health and pharmaceutical, telecommunications, transportation, etc. I readily adapt to industry and organizational context and relate well to all members of the corporate team, from CEO’s to front line leadership.

I have a Masters in Human Systems Intervention from Concordia University, Montreal Quebec and a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from University of Minnesota at Mankato.

I am a Certified Management Consultant granted by the Canadian Association of Management Consultants.  Additionally, I achieved a Gold Level Certificate in Strategic Management from the Haines Strategic Management Centre.

Formerly I was partner with the Haines Centre for Strategic Management, a Principal and Senior Management Consultant with KPMG, specializing in Change Management and a referring partner for Results BI.

Presently I am a board of director for Ecologos, a non for profit organization dedicated to creating awareness of the sacredness and importance of water to sustain life and ecosystems.

I am the author of Determine Your Future or Someone Else Will – the Seven Steps to Create Your Future and many articles.

I am a member of the New Management Network of global organizational consultants. Additionally I enjoy volunteering at the prestigious Royal Ontario Museum and the City of Toronto events.

Raven is structured as a virtual company to provide the best resource specialists to meet client requirements and needs. 

Our virtual team includes: 

Don Fowke, senior partner of Fowke Ltd, who specializes in Senior  Executive Development as well as organizational realignment and restructuring.

Glen Pratt specializes in economic development and collaboration with Indigenous leaders and communities.

Mary Lou Di Palo specializes in engaging training and development design and delivery.

Susan Anderson is a career consultant and HR specialist: master trainer on job descriptions, communication & career transition.