Determine Your Future or Someone Else Will: The 7 Step Guide Plan for Self Determination

by Marcelene Anderson

For centuries Indigenous people all over the world have had others making decisions for them. The time for Indigenous peoples, long overdue, has finally arrived to exercise their inherent rights.

Taking control requires having a plan for all aspects of your nation or community. The plan will be your secret weapon to overcome opposing forces that have their own agenda and plan.

The planning process outlined in this book will help you and others tap into your wisdom and ideas, organize them into a comprehensive, multi-year plan to create the future you want.

Along the way, you will discover your ability to make a difference and that you have all you need to realize your desired futures.

Determine Your Future Or Someone Else Will provides insights and practical tools for leaders and organizations that want to chart their own futures.

Soar Like Raven: the 5 Minute Guide to Discover the Purpose of Your Life

by Marcelene Anderson

Purpose is fundamental to life and especially to living fully. This book will provide you with the 5 key questions to ask yourself to discover and focus your life purpose.

Like most people you have probably asked yourself some of the following questions:

  • Why am I here?
  • What are my core values that shape who I am?
  • What pain have I experienced or seen that I want to address
  • What do I care deeply about?
  • What difference do I want to make with my life?
  • What is the purpose of my life?

No doubt you already know the answers to the questions but may not yet have taken the time to consciously answer them. This book will provide you with an opportunity to reflect on and claim your life purpose.

Marcelene Anderson is a strategic management consultant who works with organizations and its employees to focus their purpose and develop plans to realize it. For employees to be fully engaged in their work and work place, it is essential that their individual purpose is aligned with the purpose of the organization.

Based on her experience of working with organizations, groups, and individuals this book will help you to discover the answers within yourself.

Create Your Own Yellow Brick Road to the Future

by Marcelene Anderson

Create Your Own Yellow Brick Road to the Future integrates concepts such strategic planning, leadership, change management and employee engagement into a seamless process designed to help you create the future and results you want.

Each chapter builds on the previous. By following the process, you will have a plan to create your own route, your Yellow Brick Road, to your organizations future.

This book will help you to become:

  • Future-Focused versus Past-Oriented
  • Results-Based versus Activity-Based 
  • Aligned Across the Organization Versus Silo Thinking

Marcelene Anderson works with diverse organizations, ranging from Fortune 500 Companies to Indigenous organizations, no matter its size or type, to create a roadmap to their “desired future.

Like the Emerald City was to Dorothy and her friends, your desired future is the destination and your plan is your yellow brick road.

You’ll discover that you and your team already have what you need to reach your destination, just as Dorothy and her friends had.