Capacity Development

An organization is only as capable as the knowledge and skills of its leaders and employees.

Today’s complex, rapidly changing environment requires new ways of thinking and new skills. Training and development and coaching is vital to continuously expand and enhance employee’s to meet current and future work requirements.

Raven’s training and development programs prepare new staff for immediate success; refresh, update and upgrade the knowledge and skills of veteran staff; and enhance the knowledge and skills of managers to bring out the best in people.

We customize our training programs for your organization to address organizational challenges and priorities, ensuring they are relevant to you staff. 

We have developed a wide range of programs, which we customize for each client situation:

● Coaching for performance
● Customer service skills for front line staff
● Customer service skills for managers
● Conflict resolution
● Determine your personal purpose
● Giving and receiving feedback
● Goal setting and action planning
● Governance training for boards
● Interpersonal communication skills
● Holding effective meetings
● Leading workplace change
● Managerial leadership development
● Onboarding new employees
● Performance management
● Problem solving, decision making and planning
● Strategic planning and implementation
● Surviving organizational change
● Strategies for dealing with stress
● Teamwork and team leadership
● Technical skills – customized

After Training Support or Strategies

Great training must be followed up!

Just after a vehicle battery must be driven after boosting a battery, training must be followed up and reinforced. Raven tailors follow-up strategies to ensure learning is applied, followed up and reinforced in the workplace, strategies to enhance performance and to create a Return on Investment in training and development.

Reduced customer complaints and cost of sales

“Our client, a high-end office furniture manufacturer, asked us to help reduce customer complaints, improve delivery and installation times and reduce its cost of sales. We designed and facilitated a full customer-service training program for front-line staff, with custom product-knowledge content. Then we trained the sales and marketing staff to deliver the program.

Customer service complaints plummeted 50 percent in the first month following the program. Sales profitability went up 15 percent from decreased waste, improved order entry and expanded product knowledge. The client’s customers reported increased perceptions of service and professionalism in surveys following the intervention.” 

Hugh Astley

Vice President, Alsteel Canada

Fun-tastic Training

‘Your fun-tastic Training workshop has taken each participant to a higher level of understanding of what these skills can do for them in their personal lives and career. Participants have reported successes in applying their new skills. The workshop was catalytically interactive. I was particularly impressed with your special skills as a master facilitator, teacher, and instructor.”

Mike Landry

Manager Organization Effectiveness & Learning, Merck Frosst Canada

Professionalism and commitment to our staff

“Throughout the Management Training sessions for managers, you not only demonstrated an incredible degree of professionalism, conscientiousness and flexibility, but a true commitment to our staff and their learning.

“The feedback from our participants has been very positive. The content and materials that you delivered, your caring nature and commitment certainly paved the way to meeting this objective.”

Lorene Di Leo

Training and Development Manager , Sun Media Corp.