Change Management

Collaborative change approach to realize transformation.

Raven’s change management approach fosters participation and improves commitment to achieving results.

We involve your staff in planning for and implementing change because people are far more likely to support systems that they have helped to create. We engage them in identifying key issues and developing solutions.

The Raven Method releases the potential and creativity of your staff, energizing them to concentrate on problem-solving and delivering results.

By focusing on actions they can take, rather than what they fear will happen, they regain a sense of control, reducing negative feelings about change.

Often a company’s change efforts fail because they are introduced as a one-size-fits-all. To avoid this problem, we work with you to tailor change strategies for your organization and departments.

Raven helped transform the railway culture.

“Our national organization had a long history of mistrust between labour and management. This history hampered efforts to address safety related issues. Raven assisted the organization in designing an intervention that lead to an improvement.

“The program helped to change the traditional railway culture from one of confrontation and mistrust to one of ‘open honest communications, teamwork and feedback.’ Participants said this was one of the best courses that they had ever attended.”

R. Steel

Rules and Training , Canadian National Railway

Surviving Organizational Change

“Funding had decreased at the Economic Development Commission, and staff were being laid off. In spite of generous separation terms, the remaining staff were feeling demotivated. The Commission brought Raven in to help deal with the change roller coaster. We designed and facilitated a workshop on surviving workplace change, and offered it again the next year to keep up the momentum. We focused on helping the employees move beyond confusion, depression and anger by explaining the rationale behind the changes, and helping them choose productive ways of dealing with their feelings. The Commission reported a marked improvement in morale following Raven’s intervention.

“I enjoyed the Dealing with Change workshop immensely. You can read a book about the topic but it is not the same as the face-to-face interaction. The personal aspects about our restructuring was priceless.”

Steve Horne

Director, Kahnawake Economic Development Corporation