Don’t Leave Implementation to Chance

Some 90% of organizations around the world admit they have failed to achieve all their strategic priorities, causing delays and missed deadlines, which result in: 

  • Costly over runs 
  • Creating a domino effect, causing delays on other projects 
  • Reducing stakeholder trust in leadership to get things done 
  • Lowering employee morale 

We know it doesn’t have to be this way. Our experience working with dozens of organizations over 30 years has shown us that most plans do not get implemented well because they did not have a consistent implementation system in place. When implementation is left to chance, organizations make slow progress and results are not achieved. 

On the other hand, organizations make greater progress when there is a systematic implementation process in place. We developed The Implementation Certainty System™ to help organizations avoid implementation breakdown, disappointment, and costly over runs.  Instead, with our system, they can make steady progress on projects and ensure goals, and objectives are completed on time and on budget, 

The 10 best practices on which The Implementation Certainty System™ is based work together to consistently produce results. Many organizations reduce the likelihood projects or objectives will be completed on time by prioritizing to focus only on a selective few of the best practices. 

The Implementation Certainty System™ helps you consistently implement your plans, including: 

  • Measuring and monitoring progress 
  • Making continuous improvements 
  • Providing practical and real accountability 
  • Keeping plans up to date 
  • Developing proven implementation habits 

Here is what one of our many clients said:  Starting the first year our organization achieved 100% of its objectives! Raven worked with us to bring our organization to higher level of performance and results. This is system that works and Raven excels at what they doThe investment has continued to pay dividends since year one.” Bud Morris, CEO, Tewatohni’saktha. 

The Implementation Certainty System™ is your ‘insurance policy’ your plans will be consistently implemented to complete projects on time and within budget. 

Author: Marcelene Anderson, MA, CMC, Raven Strategic Solutions, • (226) 503-85823