Execute Your Plan To Achieve Consistent And Greater Results

We believe so strongly in the importance of proper follow-up, that we offer comprehensive implementation support services, in addition to the planning process, to help your organization with the day-to-day execution of your plan.

Research indicates that 75-80% of strategic plans fail due to ineffective implementation.
To help you successfully implement your plan, we provide a systematic execution system so that you consistently achieve results over time.

Every Raven Plan includes a clear process for tracking progress and making unequivocal measurements of success.

You will never need to ask yourself whether the plan is working; the numbers will be there in black and white.

Raven helps you with the human element of implementing plans, monitoring your progress and updating your plan as necessary. We help organizations put a systematic process in place to manage employee performance day-to-day, and feed information back to managers.

Strong implementation breaks through established barriers.

The new general manager of a Canadian division of a global, multinational corporation had a problem; His executives and staff were talented, but, somehow, had not achieved their annual operating plan targets for years. The Raven Planning process revealed the issues. Our company was organized into functional silos with too little communication across disciplines, resulting in missed deadlines and lost opportunities. A recent merger had brought in multiple new brands with conflicting priorities, overwhelming the staff. There was little belief in the organization’s ability to deliver the plan because there was no process for implementation that kept all the elements coordinated and on track.

Raven developed a year-long project called Breakthrough Results. The project launched with an event organized around the principles of knowing (future visioning, priority focus, barrier identification, etc.), being (individual and group coaching, exploration of attitudes, assumptions and beliefs) and doing (forming action teams). A formal Blessing of the Plan was held. Quarterly meetings focused on accountability, continuous improvement, cross-functional communication, forward planning and ongoing team-building. Half-way through the plan, a poll of the staff found that confidence in achieving the plan was scoring 8.5 out of 10.

At the end of the year, the general manager and his team were able to celebrate success in hitting their targets, and an award for Best Division in North America.