Indigenous Services

We believe all people have the right to determine their own future, that each of us has been endowed with the ability to create.

The United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People states that Indigenous peoples have the right to determine and develop priorities and strategies for exercising their rights to development.

For Indigenous people to determine their own future, it is essential to create a plan and execute it to build vibrant sustainable nations realize the quality of life.

We assist Indigenous people to determine their future, priorities, develop and implement strategies to create and realize their desired future.

We develop capacity of leaders and members to create their future and increasingly become more self-determining.

We offer a practical approach to develop planning and implementation capacity to create an evolving roadmap to your desired future.

Plans reflect your thinking, priorities, vision, and cultural values. They transform your community and the lives of your people, creating hope for a better future and bring about real change.

Examples of Achievement

● Increased participation from 25 to 255 at a General Assembly and involved First Nation members in making decisions on vital issues facing the nation, including native justice, usage of Band monies, land usage and registry system, by-laws and planning for economic expansion in the community.

● Assisted First Nation Councils, Administrative staff, and representatives of various community sectors to develop a comprehensive and integrated vision and plans for the next thirty years for all sectors of their nation.

● Designed a survey to gather data about First Nation members’ knowledge and attitudes about local government. The survey revealed perceptions by age and level of education. The survey results were used to plan ways to increase the level of understanding about self-government.

● Created a workshop for a local school committee to improve working relationships between parents, students, teachers and the school administration. The process was designed to clarify responsibilities for the future of education in the community.

● Developed an action plan to assist with the transfer of education to the local school committee. 

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Raven’s Down to Earth Solutions Helped us as a Nation

“Over the past 25 years you have provided down to earth solutions and processes which have helped us as a nation. Our staff and members are comfortable with you and like your friendly and respectful manner, including your sense of humour. It is nice to know that you have a genuine interest in our community and our progress as a Nation, shown by your interest over the years. The planning you did with our managers was instrumental in helping them to create solid plans to achieve our Nation’s vision and priorities.” 

George Wapachee

Former Chief, Cree Nation of Nemaska

We’re Working Better as a Team

“The process you designed and facilitated with us has helped us work together more effectively as a team. The structured planning process helped us think together about the future of the organization and to share and exchange our individual objectives. Through the process, we learned more about our organization and our synergy has increased.” 

Albert W. Diamond

President, Air Creebec Inc.

 Raven Provided Exceptional Services

“Raven is an exceptional company that has provided services to my community that exceeded our expectations for many years. The services included organization and planning of community workshops that involved consultation with community members and developing community resource people to facilitate workshops.”

Paul Gull

Chief, Cree First Nation of Waswanipi