Is Your Vision Bold And Compelling?

Too often vision statements are merely rhetoric with nice sounding words or phrases.

If you ask people in a community or organization what their vision is, you are likely to get a blank stare. Try it. Many visions lack power and substance because they do not challenge you to make the kind of bold change needed for a better future. Your vision should answer, what is the major change or shift we want to bring about?

In the 1950’s the Soviet Union had launched Sputnik to put the first man in space.  The late President John F. Kennedy was unwilling to let the Russians dominate in space.   So he announced that the United States would be the first to put a man on the moon in the next 10 years.  By doing so he galvanized the imagination and energy of the nation by providing them with a powerful vision and compelling image.  They may not have known how to realize their vision but they believed in the rightness of it. 

Some years ago, I meet leaders of the Kahanawke Economic Development Commission. I was captivated by their bold vision to be a “self sufficient community.”

At the time First Nations were struggling with dependence on shrinking government funding. Declaring their vision of being a self-sufficient community was a daring determination to break free.

Their full vision statement says, “Tewatohnhi’saktha’s vision is a self sufficient community that fosters the quality of life for Kanien’kehaka Ne Kahnawa’kehró:non and creates collective prosperity for future generations consistent with our cultural values.”

Notice the difference between a clear simple bold image and a longer more descriptive vision statement.  There is a need for both. The shorter statement captures the essence of your vision in a complelling image, e.g. a man on the moon or a self-sufficient community.  The expanded version helps to clarify the vision and the desired results. 

And, the shorter vision statement is easy to remember and visualize!

Does your vision? 

  • Capture the transformation needed in a bold image or a few words?
  • State the end results?
  • Evoke excitement and a bit of fear?
  • Creates optimism for a better future? 

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