Organizational Effectiveness

Building and Sustaining Organizational Performance

Raven provides best organizational practices to increase and enhance the performance capability of organization and teams through:
● Assessments
● Restructuring/Realignment
● Performance management systems
● Policies/ Procedures

Assessments – Organizational, Team and Individual Effectiveness

We believe assessments provide knowledge and insight for action. We engage key stakeholders in a variety of data gathering processes who can provide valuable input to target key areas for improvement or enhancement. Using the data, we help you make sense of it, develop and prioritize strategies and actions to close gaps between where you want to be and where you are currently.


Restructuring and Realignment – Organizational, Team and Individual Effectiveness

At times organizations must realign and restructure operations to adapt to changing market conditions, changes in funding arrangements, and address redundancy of services. There is a right number of layers for any organization. Similarly, there are natural layers in organizations. A manager’s role should be one level above the employee’s role so that he/she can add value to the work of an employee.

Performance Management – Organizational, Team and Individual Effectiveness

Performance Management is a vital organizational program that links the organizational mission, vision and goals into employee’s objectives and daily actions. Managing employee performance is vital to achieving results and requires a process that supports managing performance day-to-day. We work with organizations to develop, update and implement their Performance Management Program.

Policies and Procedures – Organizational, Team and Individual Effectiveness

Every organization or team or individual needs to adopt Policies and Procedures, and need to understand the importance of these Polices and Procedures. So we help them to adapt them smoothly and review the key elements of Policies and Procedures.  We define characteristics of good written policies and
procedures and explain how these promote an optimal control environment. 

Raven Strategic remains unsurpassed!

“The training needs assessment work that you did for us was invaluable. Your approach, depth of knowledge and pleasantly probing manner was a great benefit to us in our quest to properly identify our training and development needs. The training programs that you personally conducted were extremely well delivered and we received numerous favourable comments. As usual, your ‘classroom diplomacy’ remains unsurpassed.”


Peter Buddo

Minet Professional Services