Restructuring and Realignment

Right structure, right roles & responsibilities, right knowledge/skills

At times organizations must realign and restructure operations to adapt to changing market conditions, changes in funding arrangements, and address redundancy of services.

When an organization has too many layers, everything takes too long. As well, employees go over their manager’s heads for context and advice. However, if it has too few layers, managers don’t do their own work because they must fill in the missing layer below them. Additionally, manager and employee dialog is difficult.

Similarly, if there are too many managers or employees at the same level in a work unit, role confusion and conflict is likely to occur. 

There is a right number of layers for any organization.

Similarly, there are natural layers in organizations. A manager’s role should be one level above the employee’s role so that he/she can add value to the work of an employee.

Raven helps you to assess your organizational structure, the levels and roles at each level.

The Impossible is Possible

“Your team proved that the impossible is possible. As you know there was an over abundance of skepticism about the “ realignment and restructuring project”, however, it turned out to be an extremely successful. We are ahead of our implementation schedule by 6 months.”

Peter Buddo

Vice President, Ericsson Canada