Success Factors of Great Nations

What are the key success factors that are shared by great nations & organizations?

 “Nations with a vision and a plan to achieve it are powerfully enabled despite a lack of resources”, writes Joel Barker, the futurist researcher and author.

Many of the nations that began their climb to greatness did not have the right resources or the critical population base, or an obvious strategic advantage. In fact, they succeeded against the odds.

Some 2500 years ago the Greeks began with dreams, and then turned their dreams into something much more powerful – VISION. Vision is the product of focused dreams.

Turning dreams into a powerful vision was also true for Rome, Venice, England, France, and the United States of America. Organizations such as Apple, Ford Motors, countless others started with an idea and then a vision.

These nations and organizations had a profound vision of their own future. This is the key ingredient, not the only one, but the first and most important.

Nations and Organizations…
with vision are powerfully enabled.
without vision are at risk.

Definition of vision:

Noun: A picture in your mind, that is your dream of the future, which you believe is better than what exists now.

Verb: the ability to perceive something not yet actually visible.

Vision is one of the key ingredients in making something happen.