Raven Helped Our Organization Achieved 100% of its results!

“Raven Strategic Consulting worked with us to bring our organization to a higher level of performance and results through a system wide focus that included planning, implementation support, measuring progress and reporting. This is a system that works and Raven Strategic Consulting excels at what they do! The investment has continued to pay dividends since year one.”

J. Bud Morris

CEO, Kahnawake Economic Development Commission

Raven Strategic remains unsurpassed!

“The training needs assessment work that you did for us was invaluable. Your approach, depth of knowledge and pleasantly probing manner was a great benefit to us in our quest to properly identify our training and development needs. The training programs that you personally conducted were extremely well delivered and we received numerous favourable comments. As usual, your ‘classroom diplomacy’ remains unsurpassed.”

Peter Buddo

Minet Professional Services

Raven helped transform the railway culture.

“Our national organization had a long history of mistrust between labour and management. This history hampered efforts to address safety related issues. Raven assisted the organization in designing an intervention that lead to Canadian National Railwaan improvement.

“The program helped to change the traditional railway culture from one of confrontation and mistrust to one of ‘open honest communications, teamwork and feedback.’ Participants said this was one of the best courses that they had ever attended.”

R. Steele

Rules and Training, Canadian National Railway


The Impossible is Possible

“Your team proved that the impossible is possible. As you know there was an over abundance of skepticism about the “ realignment and restructuring project”, however, it turned out to be an extremely successful. We are ahead of our implementation schedule by 6 months.”

Peter Buddo

Vice President, Ericsson Canada

Fun-tastic Training

‘Your fun-tastic Training workshop has taken each participant to a higher level of understanding of what these skills can do for them in their personal lives and career. Participants have reported successes in applying their new skills. The workshop was catalytically interactive. I was particularly impressed with your special skills as a master facilitator, teacher, and instructor.”

Mike Landry

Manager, Organization Effectiveness & Learning, Merck Frosst Canada

We’re Working Better as a Team

“The process you designed and facilitated with us has helped us work together more effectively as a team. The structured planning process helped us think together about the future of the organization and to share and exchange our individual objectives. Through the process, we learned more about our organization and our synergy has increased.” 

Albert W. Diamond

President, Air Creebec Inc.

Strong implementation breaks through established barriers.

The new general manager of a Canadian division of a global, multinational corporation had a problem; His executives and staff were talented, but, somehow, had not achieved their annual operating plan targets for years. The Raven Planning process revealed the issues. Our company was organized into functional silos with too little communication across disciplines, resulting in missed deadlines and lost opportunities. A recent merger had brought in multiple new brands with conflicting priorities, overwhelming the staff. There was little belief in the organization’s ability to deliver the plan because there was no process for implementation that kept all the elements coordinated and on track.

Raven developed a year-long project called Breakthrough Results. The project launched with an event organized around the principles of knowing (future visioning, priority focus, barrier identification, etc.), being (individual and group coaching, exploration of attitudes, assumptions and beliefs) and doing (forming action teams). A formal Blessing of the Plan was held. Quarterly meetings focused on accountability, continuous improvement, cross-functional communication, forward planning and ongoing team-building. Half-way through the plan, a poll of the staff found that confidence in achieving the plan was scoring 8.5 out of 10.

At the end of the year, the general manager and his team were able to celebrate success in hitting their targets, and an award for Best Division in North America.

Professionalism and commitment to our staff

“Throughout the Management Training sessions for managers, you not only demonstrated an incredible degree of professionalism, conscientiousness and flexibility, but a true commitment to our staff and their learning.

The feedback from our participants has been very positive. The content and materials that you delivered, your caring nature and commitment certainly paved the way to meeting this objective.”

Lorene Di Leo

Training and Development Manager, Sun Media Corp.

Reduced customer complaints and cost of sales

“Our client, a high-end office furniture manufacturer, asked us to help reduce customer complaints, improve delivery and installation times and reduce its cost of sales. We designed and facilitated a full customer-service training program for front-line staff, with custom product-knowledge content. Then we trained the sales and marketing staff to deliver the program.

Customer service complaints plummeted 50 percent in the first month following the program. Sales profitability went up 15 percent from decreased waste, improved order entry and expanded product knowledge. The client’s customers reported increased perceptions of service and professionalism in surveys following the intervention.”

Hugh Astley

Vice President, Alsteel Canada

 Surviving Organizational Change

“Funding had decreased at the Economic Development Commission, and staff were being laid off. In spite of generous separation terms, the remaining staff were feeling demotivated. The Commission brought Raven in to help deal with the change roller coaster. We designed and facilitated a workshop on surviving workplace change, and offered it again the next year to keep up the momentum. We focused on helping the employees move beyond confusion, depression and anger by explaining the rationale behind the changes, and helping them choose productive ways of dealing with their feelings. The Commission reported a marked improvement in morale following Raven’s intervention.

“I enjoyed the Dealing with Change workshop immensely. You can read a book about the topic but it is not the same as the face-to-face interaction. The personal aspects about our restructuring was priceless.”

Steve Horne

Director, Kahnawake Economic Development Corporation

Raven’s Down to Earth Solutions Helped us as a Nation

“Over the past 25 years you have provided down to earth solutions and processes which have helped us as a nation. Our staff and members are comfortable with you and like your friendly and respectful manner, including your sense of humour. It is nice to know that you have a genuine interest in our community and our progress as a Nation, shown by your interest over the years. The planning you did with our managers was instrumental in helping them to create solid plans to achieve our Nation’s vision and priorities”

George Wapachee

Former Chief, Cree Nation of Nemaska

We’re Working Better as a Team

“The process you designed and facilitated with us has helped us work together more effectively as a team. The structured planning process helped us think together about the future of the organization and to share and exchange our individual objectives. Through the process, we learned more about our organization and our synergy has increased.”

Albert W. Diamond

President, Air Creebec Inc.

Raven Provided Exceptional Services

“Raven is an exceptional company that has provided services to my community that exceeded our expectations for many years. The services included organization and planning of community workshops that involved consultation with community members and developing community resource people to facilitate workshops.”

Paul Gull

Chief, Cree First Nation of Waswanipi