Why Raven

You might wonder, “Why Raven?”

Many years ago during a business trip to Vancouver, the Raven came into my life, after which I changed my business name to Raven.

What inspired me was hearing one of the Haida legends that tells how the Raven brought the sun back to the sky, which is the reason we have sunlight today. I was captivated by the story and its significance to my work.

Prior to this I had used the verse in Proverbs that says, “Without vision people perish,” which I believe is ancient wisdom.

So to speak, when we lack vision, we are in the dark. The image of the raven bringing the sun back to the sky to bring light to people inspired me to change my business name.

I recognize I do not give people vision or tell them what their vision should be; rather, I provide processes that helps people envision their future which gives them light and hope for their future.

I am like a vision midwife, helping give birth to their vision, by thinking together, sharing ideas to create a powerful vision for the future they desire and develop realistic plans to achieve it.

Along the way I discovered other universal stories about the Raven. Celtic legends say the Norse God Odin had 2 raven messengers, Hugin and Mugin that he let out each day to fly around the world. Loosely translated, Hugin was a messenger of thought and Mugin of memory. In my Raven work, I help people to think together and share their insights with each other to create and realize plans.

My core belief is that all people have the right to determine their own future, e.g. Individually and as a nation. For decades Indigenous people were denied this right. It is over due for Indigenous people to once again determine their future.

Jack Welsh, retired chairman and CEO of General Electric said, ‘Control your destiny or someone else will.” Indigenous people around the world are increasingly reclaiming their rights to determine their future, which I believe requires having a plan.

I am deeply passionate about supporting Indigenous people to determine their future by providing processes to develop and execute their plans, as well as improving the effectiveness of their organizations, developing the capacity of leaders and employees, and bringing about change and transformation.

Raven provides solutions to all types of business challenges. Raven observes what is, develops strategies that result in transformational solutions, which is at the core of what Raven Strategic Solutions does.


Let Raven help you develop strategic solutions for challenges you face.