Are you ready to transform your company or organization and take it to the next level of performance & profitability?

Do you have the courage to explore significant and dynamic changes that will dramatically improve your employee motivation, customer satisfaction and corporate profits?

Are you open to new approaches and solutions so your team(s) can work together more effectively and achieve significantly better results?

If so, read on …


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  • Strategic Planning
  • Training & Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Execution
  • Solutions to Organization
  • Training & Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Execution
  • Training & Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Execution
  • Solutions to Organization
  • Training & Development
  • Solutions to Organization
  • Training & Development

We have provided training,  organizational review and analysis, and strategic planning services to many Indigenous communities and organizations.

As a result of referrals and recommendations, the number of Indigeneous clients we serve has grown substantially over the years and we are now considered specialists in this sector.

Services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Execution
  • Solutions to Organization
  • Training & Development
  • Employee Engagement

For more in-depth information about our involvement with Indigenous people, CLICK HERE

Including Hospitals & Service Delivery

  • Solutions to Organization
  • Training & Development

Including Oil, Gas & Mining

  • Strategic Planning
  • Solutions to Organization
  • Training & Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Execution
  • Training & Development
  • Personal Purpose

Including Rail & Airline

  • Strategic Planning
  • Execution
  • Solutions to Organization
  • Training & Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • Personal Purpose

CLIENTS - a Partial Listing

CLIENTS include entrepreneurs, SME (small & medium-size enterprises),  divisions of Fortune 500 companies, Non-governmental not-for-profit organizations (NGO), and institutions of all types. Here are just a few …

Ericsson Communications Canada

Sun Media Corp.

Toyota Canada Inc.

Merck Frosst Canada

Canadian National Railway

Sara Lee Household & Body Care Canada

Alsteel Canada

Cree Nation Government

Air Creebec Inc.

Kahnawake Economic Development Commission

Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation

Waswanipi First Nation


Just as there is a significant difference between vehicles, e.g. Mercedes Benz and Chevrolet, not all planning processes are the same. Simply because others may use the word “planning” doesn’t make them equal in the results they produce.

WE USE a 5-LEVEL INTEGRATED PLANNING PROCESS (click “+” symbol to expand item)

Create strategic framework for community e.g. mission, vision, values and priorities

  • Set a 3-5 year direction for the organization
  • Essential for being proactive and making progress
  • Without a longer term focus, the organization operates reactively and progress stagnates
  • Without clarity of focus, departments operate in silos and employees are more likely to be disengaged, working primarily for only the “paycheck”.
  • Develop specific 2-3 year departmental plans aligned with the organizational plan
  • Creates clarity of purpose for the department, its goals and outcomes
  • Fosters longer term thinking about the department versus status quo thinking
  • Aligns employees with the mission, vision, goals of the department and the organization
  • Helps employees set objectives for the key areas of their job description for the coming year
  • Develops work plans to achieve assigned departmental priorities and job related objectives
  • Establishes annual priorities to realize the organizational plan & Strategic Budget and departmental 1 year plan
  • Confirms annual targets and planned outcomes
  • Strategic budget to realize organizational and departmental priorities
  • Shared purpose from top to bottom
  • Future focused versus status quo
  • Clarity of direction at all levels
  • Results/outcomes based planning versus activity based
  • Alignment across and at all levels

HOW OUR PLANNING BENEFITS YOU (click “+” symbol to expand item)

Often reactive short-term piecemeal approaches are put in place to address crises and issues.
Although they may bring about some relief, they are insufficient to bring about transformation.
Piecemeal approaches are fragmented, leaving gaps in terms of what needs to be done.
A proactive approach helps to focus on the desired future and what is needed to realize them.
You get what you focus on –  problems, or solutions.

Your community or organization is a system and for it to function effectively all components must work together.
Planning for only one or two areas of your community or organization breaks down because they are interdependent with other areas.
It is essential to create a plan for your whole community or organization.
Make sure you are headed in the same direction and have a shared roadmap.

Organizational plans and initiatives often falter because they are not operationalized.
To be achieved the organizational plan must be cascaded down to departments and employees to carry out day to day.
Just as a stream must flow to nourish those downstream, goals and strategies must flow to every function and employee in the organization to work together to create the desired future.

Many planning processes start with today’s current situation.
This is like looking in the rear view mirror hoping to get safely to your destination.
We believe plans must be Future Focused, engaging the community and leaders to anticipate what is likely to change in the future environment so that they can develop a vision and plan for the future.
If you start with the present situation, you are planning for the past.
“Begin with the end in mind.” Reverse-engineer how to get there.

In many planning processes, organizations identify activities that they hope will move them to
their desired future.
Unfortunately, with such processes you have no way of measuring progress towards your desired economic future.
In our planning process we assist you to establish Key Success Measures and Performance Indicators with specific targets over the time span of your plan so that you can systematically track economic development progress along the way,
allowing you to make continuous improvements as needed.
“You can’t control it, if you can’t measure it”. Measuring is the first step to taking control

In many planning processes, organizations develop a mission and vision, and then do “silo objective setting” in which each department/function sets unrelated goals.
Valuable momentum is lost when this happens.
It is more effective to create organizational strategies, which are cascaded to each department to develop plans consistent with those of the organization, yet are flexible to the mission of the department.
Just like the geese fly 73% faster, organizations achieve greater momentum when they are aligned.

Every year large numbers of plans are developed, many of which will fall victim to the “SPOTS
Syndrome” (Strategic Plan on Top Shelf).
Over 75% of plans fail because there is no system in place for implementation.
Raven offers more than simply planning.
We offer a systematic implementation process to ensure you achieve the desired results from your plan.
“The only good plan is one that is fully implemented.”

We don’t just facilitate the planning and/or implementation process – we build capacity as we
facilitate the process and then engage your leaders in facilitating the process with their
department and employees. “Teach a man to fish”


RAVEN is one of the most intelligent and powerful creatures in the animal kingdom.
RAVEN energy can guide, support, strengthen and inspire.
RAVEN presages a kind of rebirth or renewal in situations where forward momentum may have slowed or become stagnant.
The staff at RAVEN STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS are terrific communicators skilled at getting groups of folks to be on the same page.
We model the raven’s unique ability to fly into darkness and/or confusion and successfully navigate a way forward into the unseen light beyond.
Working with RAVEN STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS is a way of uncovering and boosting hidden wisdom and strengths as well as exposing and correcting weaknesses that linger in the shadows.
RAVEN STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS often transforms a business and, this transformation can be dramatic. Our team has decades of experience with corporations of all sizes and is trained in creating effective systems and procedures to help guide your people safely through the fray.
If you find yourself feeling a little hesitant about contacting RAVEN STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS – don’t worry, that’s natural.
When you work with RAVEN STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS, anticipate dynamic change and new perspectives.
Expect to benefit significantly from the positive motivation and profitable surprises we bring to the table. And, don’t worry, – with RAVEN STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS you’ll be working with a good and trustworthy company that will always help you be prepared.
 Why not explore the benefits RAVEN STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS can bring to your corporate culture, systems, procedures – and your bottom line?
CONTACT US NOW. Discover how you can benefit from our decades of knowledge and experience.


Do you have seemingly unobtainable DREAMS for your business or organization?

Are you facing CHALLENGES that seem difficult, if not impossible to overcome?

What if the challenges you are facing right now could be turned into OPPORTUNITIES to help you not just reach your dreams – but surpass them!

Through interaction and collaboration, I have helped many clients just like you introduce positive changes and achieve phenomenal results!

My name is Marcelene Anderson – a board member, advisor, and Certified Management Consultant (CMC*) – certified by the Canadian Association of Management Consultants.
*CMC is the highest recognized designation for management consultants

Other qualifications include a Gold Level Certificate in Strategic Management from the Haines Strategic Management Centre and a Masters in Human Systems Intervention from Concordia University, Montreal Quebec as well as a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from University of Minnesota at Mankato.

Formerly, I was a partner with the Haines Centre for Strategic Management, a Principal and Senior Management Consultant with KPMG, specializing in Change Management and a referring partner for Results BI.

Additionally, I have developed and trademarked “The Results and Implementation Certainty System” – a valuable tool to help clients along the path to reaching their goals and objectives.

I am the author of “Determine Your Future or Someone Else Will” – seven steps to creating your future.

I have worked with leaders in business, “Not for Profit” organizations, and First Nations groups for over 30 years developing strategies that transcend typical solutions – putting them on a path to achieve results beyond what many dreamed possible.

I specialize in strategic management that integrates …

  • Strategic Planning,
  • Implementation of Plans,
  • Improving Organization Effectiveness,
  • Training & Development,
  • Change Management.

Here are some examples …

  • Customer service representatives of a manufacturing company were dealing with angry and frustrated customers because orders were taking too long and were often incorrect.
  • A sales and marketing general manager who believed his division had excellent products and a good team but they were not achieving their annual targets set by corporate.
  • An economic development organization that had updated its strategic plan but lacked an implementation system, endangering not achieving results
  • A technology company whose international corporation had changed its focus and the Canadian division needed to realign with corporate strategies
  • A transportation company that was experiencing ‘near misses’ and in danger of being shut down by the national transportation authority

Let’s connect and have a chat. I’d appreciate the opportunity to offer a fresh perspective on any challenges you may be facing.


About 2,500 years ago, Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu wrote “The Art of War.”
In it, he said,
“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”
Tactics and strategy are not at odds with one another—they’re on the same team.
That said, a strategy will always come first.
In business, we define tactical versus strategic like this …
  • Strategy defines your long-term goals and how you’re planning to achieve them.
    In other words, your strategy gives you the path you need toward achieving your organization’s mission.
  • Tactics (or initiatives)  are much more concrete and are often oriented as smaller steps with a shorter time frame that can be used to measure progress along the way.
    They involve best practices, specific plans, resources, etc.

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I want to help you to achieve results beyond what you dream possible!

That is why I am offering you a FREE short report called “Results Beyond your Wildest Dreams”.
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What people say about

“Strong implementation breaks through established barriers.”

“We’re Working Better as a Team”

“Reduced Customer Complaints and Cost of Sales”

“Raven Strategic Remains Unsurpassed”

Raven helped transform the railway culture.
“Our national organization had a long history of mistrust between labour and management.
This history hampered efforts to address safety-related issues.
Raven assisted the organization in designing an intervention that lead to Canadian National Railway improvement.
“The program helped to change the traditional railway culture from one of confrontation and mistrust to one of ‘open honest communications, teamwork and feedback.’
Participants said this was one of the best courses that they had ever attended.”
R. Steele
Rules and Training,
Canadian National Railway
The Impossible is Possible
“Your team proved that the impossible is possible.
As you know there was an over abundance of skepticism about the “ realignment and restructuring project”.
However, it turned out to be extremely successful.
We are ahead of our implementation schedule by 6 months.”
Peter Busso
Vice President,
Ericsson Canada
Raven Helped Our Organization Achieve 100% of its results!
“Raven Strategic Consulting worked with us to bring our organization to a higher level of performance and results through a system wide focus that included planning, implementation support, measuring progress and reporting.
This is a system that works and Raven Strategic Consulting excels at what they do!
The investment has continued to pay dividends since year one.”
J. Bud Morris
Kahnawake Economic Development Commission
Reduced customer complaints and cost of sales
“Our client, a high-end office furniture manufacturer, asked us to help reduce customer complaints, improve delivery and installation times and reduce its cost of sales.
We designed and facilitated a full customer-service training program for front-line staff, with custom product-knowledge content.
Then we trained the sales and marketing staff to deliver the program.
Customer service complaints plummeted 50 percent in the first month following the program.
Sales profitability went up 15 percent from decreased waste, improved order entry and expanded product knowledge.
The client’s customers reported increased perceptions of service and professionalism in surveys following the intervention.”
Hugh Astley
Vice President,
Alsteel Canada
Fun-tastic Training ‘Your training workshop has taken each participant to a higher level of understanding of what these skills can do for them in their personal lives and career.
Participants have reported successes in applying their new skills.
The workshop was catalytically interactive.
I was particularly impressed with your special skills as a master facilitator, teacher, and instructor.”
Mike Landry
Organization Effectiveness & Learning,
Merck Frosst Canada
Raven’s Down to Earth Solutions Helped us as a Nation
“Over the past 25 years you have provided down to earth solutions and processes which have helped us as a nation.
Our staff and members are comfortable with you and like your friendly and respectful manner, including your sense of humour.
It is nice to know that you have a genuine interest in our community and our progress as a Nation, shown by your interest over the years.
The planning you did with our managers was instrumental in helping them to create solid plans to achieve our Nation’s vision and priorities”
George Wapachee
Former Chief,
Cree Nation of Nemaska

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