Integrated Strategic Solutions

Integrated Strategic Solutions

Are you facing challenges that don’t seem to have a solution?

Do you have dreams for your business or organization that seem unreachable?

What if the challenges you are facing now could actually help you not just reach your dreams, but surpass them?

My name is Marcelene Anderson – I help business leaders and organizations develop strategies that transcend typical solutions to achieve results beyond what they dreamed possible.

I’d like to offer a fresh perspective on the challenges you are facing.

For over 30 years I have worked with organizations facing difficult situations such as:

  • Customer service representatives of a manufacturing company were dealing with angry and frustrated customers because orders were taking too long and were often incorrect.
  • A sales and marketing general manager who believed his division had excellent products and a good team but they were not achieving their annual targets set by corporate.
  • An economic development organization that had updated its strategic plan but lacked an implementation system, endangering not achieving results
  • A technology company whose international corporation had changed its focus and the Canadian division needed to realign with corporate strategies
  • A transportation company that was experiencing ‘near misses’ and in danger of being shut down by the national transportation authority

I promise you that even the most difficult situations like these have a solution.

I can help you to discover your unique solutions to bring about the transformation and results you are seeking.  

Through synergistic collaboration, I have helped companies and organizations like yours achieve results such as:

A manufacturing company who’s customer service complaints dropped 50% in one month

The communications division of a technology company that achieved its goals 6 months ahead of schedule.

The economic development division achieved 100% of its objectives, starting in year one.

We helped to change the traditional railway culture from one of confrontation and mistrust to one of ‘open honest communications, teamwork.’

A sales and marketing division of a major corporation achieved it corporate objectives for the first time since the merger of its two brands, and was awarded best performing business in its division.

How to Turn Your Problems into Solutions that get Results Beyond What You Dreamed Possible

I want to help you to achieve results beyond what you dream possible, too! That is why I have written a short report called “How to Turn Your Problems into Solutions that get Results Beyond What You Dreamed Possible” and I’d like to give it to you as my gift.

This valuable report will reveal

>> The magic method that will 10x your results every time

>> Questions to increase your creative power

>> The fuel that makes all your projects go smoothly

Don’t Wait Another Day!